The theme for this month’s Untitled Magazine is Girl Power. A term of empowerment that brings to mind the Spice Girls, Beyonce and the Power Puff girls…  a ‘you’ve just got to go out and kick-ass’ attitude! For this editorial we were working with the gorgeous British actress Ophelia Lovibond, and wanted to do something different to the obvious ‘Girl Power’ look, opting for something more natural and feminine. After all, being feminine is a power unto itself 😉

Hem lengths have fallen to great lengths this season, sumptuous fabric’s span our torso’s with skirts that swish at the floor, sleeves that stretch beyond our fingertips and trousers that sweep over our shoes, creating a veil of fabric that embraces the female form. It is romantic, it is chic, and it brings the female body back into play as fabrics glide over our silhouette’s.

One of my favourite looks from this editorial with Ophelia has to be the jewelled evening jumpsuit by Adele Simpson, circa 1969 [courtesy of Williams Vintage]. The cut of this playsuit’s sweeping wide-leg trousers wouldn’t be out of place in this seasons line up of floor grazing lengths. That’s one thing I love about designer Vintage, it holds it’s own year after year and seems to be ever the more fashion forward season after season. Ophelia fell equally in love with this piece, and looked as if she were made to be a seventies rockstar in this shot!

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Photography, Rebecca Miller


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My style board


Ophelia wears Luisa Beccaria
Ophelia wears PPQ
Ophelia wears jumpsuit by Adele Simpson circa 1969 from Williams Vintage

behind the scenes