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This is an obvious but easily forgotten style resolution. There’s no doubt that an organised wardrobe is key to sustaining and maintaining your personal style. A great tip I’ve learnt is to only hang-up your absolutely favourite pieces, so these are at eye level when you open your closet. This should end up being a very refined version of your entire wardrobe, built from your hero pieces. Every style that isn’t a favourite should be folded and put into drawers. Take your time doing this task, it may sound simple but it can be hard to decide on your hero pieces, you may even find that you haven’t many items that you truly adore and worthy of a hanger! Limiting your closet will help with getting ready and defining a personal style. Digital Tip. I recommend trying StyleApp and organise all your pieces digitally – the ultimate style resolution – read my review on the app here.


Oh yes, the big style challenge: the no-carb diet of the fashion world if you will. Fast-fashion has a habit of tricking one into buying pieces one doesn’t actually need. I should know, I’ve been behind the scenes, I know how it’s done. Not that this knowledge has helped me in certain starry eyed situations, we’ve all fallen prey to the same spell and we all know that impulse buys can lead to serial returns. A good rule to stick to is to only invest in pieces that you can envision wearing with three of your hero pieces. Be timely and wait to invest in styles that you truly adore. After all, as Carrie Bradshaw wisely says, ‘isn’t delayed gratification the definition of maturity?’ Perhaps then by the end of 2017, you will be the proud owner of some high-quality pieces that won’t end up in the Oxfam bag after only a few months.



Accessories can take you one step closer to individuality. They finish the look. Organise your accessories and jewellery so that they are visible and accessible to you on a daily basis. I like to lay my jewellery out on my dressing table in a black sectioned velvet tray, very frivolous I know, but I sware by being able to see all my options I think about how each piece will elevate my chosen look. Organised, practical and accessible.



Who does’t like organising their thoughts and inspirations in an orderly fashion on sectioned Pinterest boards? I know it’s a little ‘done’, but creating a secret personal style board really is a useful tool; I create and share one with each of my clients. It’s a great reference point when out shopping or when stuck in an I don’t know what to wear rut and you need instant inspiration. Pin everything you love on this board, both relatable and aspirational. View mine as an example here.

Style Resolution stylist top tips organising wardrobe 2017


Stuck in a style rut? When your wardrobe has you feeling down in the dumps, trying on new silhouettes is a great style resolution because it can be a real game changer. Maybe you live in high-waisted skinny jeans and have never tried on a high-waisted mum jean, kick-flare or stright-legged option? Perhaps you only wear a certain hem length, stick to a certain neckline or neutral colour palate? Don’t be afraid to try on various styles, it may be a hit-and-miss at times, but you could start a whole new style love affair for 2017.



The bittersweet New Year clear out. To start 2017 a-fresh, when you are organising your hero pieces (resolution 1) really look at your whole wardrobe and analyse each piece. A good rule of thumb is; If worn regularly in the last 3 months, keep. If worn sporadically in the last 6 months, perhaps it’s seasonal and put it into storage (Vacuum storage bags are perfect for this). If not worn in the last 9 months to a year, send to a charity shop or sell online. Another thing to think about is taking forgotten or broken styles to the tailors, maybe your skirt could be updated by changing the hemline?

Will you be trying any of my style resolutions? Any questions on this post do chime into the comment section below, let 2017 be the year to sort all style dilemmas; for good!


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