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This week I’ve been working with two gorgeous actresses – Stefanie Martini and Pearl Mackie – on editorial shoots surrounding their upcoming January TV shows. Twas the week before christmas and despite everyones relaxed post-party states, my little studio managed to stay full of life. An abundance of floral victoriana necklines, logo-ed-tee’s and easy going indigo denims found their way on to my rail. One collection I was particularly thrilled to get my hands on was that of Ganni’s. I am an avid fan of the brand. In my eyes Ditte Reffstrup (Ganni’s creative director) can do no wrong. The brand has got a cowgirl game going on next season, producing wild horse printed sweatshirts, fringed satin two pieces, floral embellished ankle boots and (the firm favourite) Space Cowboy tee-shirts.

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but my family tend to stay pyjama bound until around 12pm on Christmas Day, embracing the luxury of not having to go anywhere or do anything (other than popping on a brew and making our traditional christmas breakfast menu of sausage sandwiches caked it ketchup). Last year, when my beloved asked me to marry him underneath our twinkling tree lights, I was wearing a tres unglamorous combination of holey grey sweatpants, an over-sized (and over-worn) blue bobbled jumper and a pair of thick Santa-emblazoned socks; balanced with a face free of make-up. Sadly I am not exaggerating. It wasn’t the stylish ensemble I thought I’d be wearing when James proposed! Funnily enough, I am no longer a fan of mix-matched christmas day lounge wear, and so in fear of another pyjama disaster, I’ve put together an edit of my favourite PJ’s ahead of the big lounge day. Which will be on your wish list?

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My style kit is brimming with weird and wonderful tools. I accumulate products as I go, pre-empting the crease crazed dresses, the razor-blade soles and the magnet-for-fluff jumpers. I’ve had many an unsalvageable style situation myself, and through trial and error I’ve learnt how to avoid future replays. And so from toothpaste to tampons, from mini razors to micro clothes and from silicone nipples to spanx, I am fairly confident to say that I have accumulated the perfect style kit; The panic button of my styling world.

With party season in full swing, I wanted to share my red carpet style tips. Please prepare to be un-amazed, these products will not make your heart leap into your throat with heart eyed emojis! The solutions to outfit dilemmas are all pretty mundane, but they will be ensure your comfort, dignity and confidence. Scroll on to read my 9 red carpet essentials guaranteed to elevate your party look this season.

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Nobody’s Child is a playful fast-fashion brand that has some serious style credentials; the cuts are current, the fabrics are high-quality, and the price point is on point. But perhaps the most enticing element of NC is however it’s ethical core. Nobody’s Child is living proof that you can succeed as a fast-fashion brand whilst maintaining an ethical manufacturing practice. NC dye their own fabrics, design and produce their own prints, and manufacture their clothes in their own factories. They control the entire process and as a consumer that impresses me greatly.

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