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Stone Cold Fox is one of my all time favourite go-to fashion brands (and that’s quite the statement)! Fusing vintage materials and boho-prints with current and chic silhouettes, SCF epitomises my ideal wardrobe-wears; And Just when I thought I couldn’t fall any deeper in love with the brand, they throw bridal gowns and home-wear into the mix! I have an un-controllable weakness for all their styles, and so naturally it’s about time I include them in my Lines-to-Love.

SCF was born from the childhood friendship of Cydney Morris and Dallas Ward. After travelling together to places like Bali, Australia and Mexico, the girls decided to start their own line; And every girl in California was beholden! The Californian duo believe in ‘quality over quantity’ and that good things are worth waiting for. A belief I am also fond of in our hastening world of instant buys and drone deliveries. Every piece from the SCF collections is made locally in California, the textiles are self designed and the silks sand-washed, every detail of the SCF styles is thought out and personal. It’s all very romantic. Buying a piece from SCF is like finding a hidden treasure, a gem in the sand-storm of fast-fashion.

Stone Cold Fox Fashion

Stone Cold Fox

As fitting as the brand is over on the heated side of the Atlantic, I feel us Londoners still have plenty an occasion to rock a STF number. The mini dresses pair neatly with a pair of winter boots and an oversized duster coat, perfect for those winter wine drinking evenings at Sager & Wilde


If you are into SCF, make sure you check out their Tumblr account for more inspiration from the brand, it’s one of my favourite image blogs to date. Any questions on how to style up the brand for those looming christmas parties please do chime into the comment section below, I’m here to help! (Header image courtesy of Urban Outfitters USA, all other images from SCF).


holly ounstead