It’s my first week back in the office and I waste absolutely no time on Tuesday morning. I wake at 6am and am sat firmly behind my desk by 7.05. Granted I am still in my pyjama’s, but that’s one of my favourite things about being freelance, the comfort that comes with working from home. I start by gathering email addresses and researching people I’d like to get in contact with this month, followed by writing up many to do lists in my Kiki planner. I couldn’t sleep very well because of all the business plans and style strategies whirling around my brain, like a black hole sucking me into a state of restlessness and further away from much needed sleep. I need at least 7 hours in order to function properly the following day. I consider downloading the Pillow Sleep App that one of my friends has told me about, on looking it up I learn that ‘sleep better and wake up refreshed’ is their moto; I download immediately!

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dress, Orla Kiely. jacket, Topshop. photographed by Rachel Smith.

I was pleased to see that the shoot I styled with Hermione Corfield made it into this months issue of Marie Claire Magazine (out now). Hermione is their Girl of the moment, which is no exaggeration having watched her play Emma in the ITV drama The Halcyon last night (Catch up here). I was also happy to see that my shoot with the queen of  UK soul, Joss Stone, had also been published in Fault Magazine (read full interview here). Working with Joss was a real pinch-me-moment because my family have always been avid fans of her music, I grew up listening to her up-beat summer tunes and they fuel happy memories! This feels like a really positive way to kick-start 2017, a karmic sign that this is going to be a good year. Marie Claire is a respected title and this is the first time my work’s been published in their UK edition.

I’m styling one of my newest clients Stefanie Martini for the TCA’s next week, which will be fun. Steph’s playing the young Helen Mirren in the new 1973 Prime Suspect series which is due to air early this year. The fitting is on Monday and I think it will be good considering I’ve already had positive responses from Holly Fulton, Temperly, Osman, Jasper Conran and Peter Pilotto. Now it’s just a case of reserving the exact looks I want from their SS17 shows. This is a tricky time of year to attempt call-ins as it’s award season and I’m worried that everything I want will already be signed out to other stylists. Even Jimmy Choo don’t have a size 5 sample available in their showroom, which is quite disappointing as I adore their strappy heeled sandals; Choo do that incredibly well. I like everything to be in order, but often it always comes together so incredibly last minute. I remind myself of this fact and continue with the calls.

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dress, Temperly London. photographed by Jack Alexander.

I have a looming half marathon coming up, which I’ve only just realised clashes with the Sunday of London Fashion Week. This would be a really convenient excuse as to not do it, but I know that would make me feel as if I’d failed and I’d rather not have that sort of self-resentment hanging over me. I decide to aim for the 13.1 mile run in 2 hours. The wedding is welcomed into my thoughts this week, a combination of excitement and nerves seem to be seeping through my veins as the planning intensifies, despite it being a relatively small ‘do’. This week we’ve received the quotes for the dinner and the furniture, which I decide not to stress about until Sunday when I can go through it all with James. June is going to come around so quickly, I can’t wait and in a way I wish it was Saturday the 10th tomorrow! Although I know there is a lot of fun to be had in the next 5 months. Bring on 2017!

@Rowannewman asked;I’ve just had a big wardrobe clear out ready for the New Year, so my wardrobe has been reduced down to pretty much only simple basics. I’d like to buy a couple of investment pieces that I can use to bring these basics to life and make them look cool and current for 2017. Are there any particular pieces you would recommend?

Firstly, you are in a great place. Starting the new year with a wardrobe full of basics is the perfect way to build a personal style. I would recommend investing in three hero pieces to kick-start 2017.

1) A hero blazer. This can be thrown over any of your basics and uplift them immediately. Invest in a transitional blazer that speaks to your personal style and has something interesting about it; This could be a detailed lapel, floral jacquard or a heritage check, whichever stands out to you. If you’re trend-inspired then try looking to the marvelled eighties comeback and opt for a blazer with shoulder-pads, although this probably won’t have the longevity of a ‘forever piece’.

2) A statement shoe. Shoes can transform the basics into something special, adding a current sole to your wardrobe is such an easy way to assert personality and update your look. I’d suggest shopping at Stella McCartney and Topshop for statement pointy sling-backs this year. * Stella is (of-course) also Vegan * Watch out for elongated points, square toes and platforms as trend-led styles for summer.

3) A trusty denim trouser. Denim never dies and is always a worthwhile investment. I would suggest looking into a straight legged style, possibly with a frayed hem. Skinny jeans are out. The straight-leg looks so chic when paired with a basic knit and a statement shoe – this style of trouser thrives off being paired with basics.


Ctl, Alt, Delete, Episode 52 with Estee Lalone

Created by Emma Gannon, this Podcast looks into the lives of inspiring freelancers and how they tackle the minefield of creating and running their own businesses; The motivational highs and lows. I find this a truly inspiring podcast to listen to when travelling around London for work-related chores. Thank you Emma!

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Less Screen time. Researchers have shown that picking up and reading a physical book can reduce stress, induce a good nights sleep and help your overall mental health more than you would think. Worth switching off the IPhone for!


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