It’s my first week back in the office and I waste absolutely no time on Tuesday morning. I wake at 6am and am sat firmly behind my desk by 7.05. Granted I am still in my pyjama’s, but that’s one of my favourite things about being freelance, the comfort that comes with working from home. I start by gathering email addresses and researching people I’d like to get in contact with this month, followed by writing up many to do lists in my Kiki planner. I couldn’t sleep very well because of all the business plans and style strategies whirling around my brain, like a black hole sucking me into a state of restlessness and further away from much needed sleep. I need at least 7 hours in order to function properly the following day. I consider downloading the Pillow Sleep App that one of my friends has told me about, on looking it up I learn that ‘sleep better and wake up refreshed’ is their moto; I download immediately!

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This week I’ve been working with two gorgeous actresses – Stefanie Martini and Pearl Mackie – on editorial shoots surrounding their upcoming January TV shows. Twas the week before christmas and despite everyones relaxed post-party states, my little studio managed to stay full of life. An abundance of floral victoriana necklines, logo-ed-tee’s and easy going indigo denims found their way on to my rail. One collection I was particularly thrilled to get my hands on was that of Ganni’s. I am an avid fan of the brand. In my eyes Ditte Reffstrup (Ganni’s creative director) can do no wrong. The brand has got a cowgirl game going on next season, producing wild horse printed sweatshirts, fringed satin two pieces, floral embellished ankle boots and (the firm favourite) Space Cowboy tee-shirts.

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cold shoulder trend
There’s been a sudden craving for cold-shoulders this summer, it’s undoubtedly been one of the most popular silhouettes to materialise from the catwalks, rejuvenating the hight-street with its seductive style. ASOS rein supreme amongst high-street stores when it comes to the exposed shoulder; be it pretty prairie florals, bold block colour or delicate white lace, ASOS have an array of exposed shoulders that will be sure to slot neatly into any wardrobe.
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