Once again, our English summer did not live up to expectations this year, so when it was confirmed that we were shooting Una Healy’s debut album campaign in the sunny state of Nashville Tennessee, I was thrilled. Nashville is every bit as vibrant as you would expect: live music bars line the main strip, storefronts are piled high selling cowboy boots to wide-eyed tourists, and at every turn you are greeted by the sweet smell donuts and the melodies of lively country music.

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Winnie Harlow

I have to admit, I was extremely excited when I was asked to shoot Winnie Harlow for the September cover of Marie Claire Mexico. Not only is Winnie the most famous model I have had the pleasure of working with (to date), but Winnie is a huge inspiration to women, through her work as a spokeswoman and activist for women’s self esteem.

Because Winnie is an icon unto herself, I wanted to keep the fashion relatively simple both through the texture and the tone. This winter fashion has seen it’s fair share of ‘out there’ styles; We’ve got an eighties revival, a devotion to all things purple, and an elevated success of sportswear. I wanted to go against the grain and take it back to basics, after all, fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style… and Winnie has considerable style.

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faye marsay style

I had the pleasure of working with Faye Marsay on an outfit for this years Comic Con, where Faye was on the panel for her role as The Waif in Game of Thrones. As Comic Con is a casual event, we wanted to bring a little fun to the outfit – a statement skirt seemed like the perfect style to play with. A-line skirts are great if you have a petite figure like Faye. Adding interest to the skirt through pattern or embellishment will elevate any evening outfit. If you opt for a skirt with textures make sure to keep it simple up top with a block coloured crop that complements your skirt, or if you prefer to keep your figure under-wraps opt for a simple tee or off-the-shoulder top tucked neatly into a high-waisted style. If you are petite, courts are the perfect tool to elongating your figure, an ankle strap could cut you off.

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