Zoella Fashion Style

To be honest with you, I was rather excited when asked to style one of by all time favourite girl bosses, Big Z! Who wouldn’t be? Zoella is THE most powerful Vlogger in the UK right now, with over 7 million YouTube subscribers there’s no doubt she is a teenage fashion, beauty and lifestyle icon.

To give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a cover editorial, I’ve jotted down a 12 hour style diary of my shoot day with Zoella.

12 Hour Style Diary With Zoella The Teenage Icon

The Morning


Grab a big coffee to-go from my favourite Brick Lane coffee shop, Bell Boi.


Arrive at my studio and go through all the clothes for the shoot with my lovely assistant Ellie. We double check everything we’ve requested  has been sent over. This is not my favourite thing to do, it basically involves to many emails and phone calls!


Try to fit yet another outfit into an over-packed suitcase; try to fit yet another over-packed suitcase into an over-packed Mini Cooper! We were in for a very cozy ride down to Brighton, due to meet Zoella at 2pm, it was time to put my foot down the M25!

12 Hour Style Diary With Zoella The Teenage Icon


Arrive at the hotel. Unpack the over-packed car full of suitcases. Kindly ask the bell boy to help us carry it all to the suite, where we meet the lovely Zoe and start to set up.


Once everything was neat and tidy, (and I like things extremely organised on my rail, we hang pieces according to colour and cut) I went through my selections with the Zoe, who’d just finished her interview with YOU Magazine. Together we picked out our favourite pieces and had a try on fuelled by massive quantities of breakfast tea!


We’ve overloaded on tea and decided on two looks for the shoot, keeping Zoe’s style feminine and preppy with a hint towards the sixties.

12 Hour Style Diary With Zoella The Teenage Icon

Look 1.

The first look is a gorgeous mustard dungaree skirt by Claudie Peirlot, which we paired with a simple cream turtleneck from Urban Outfitters and [my ABSOLUTE favourite] Topshop boots <3 The 10 denier tights are a key element to this look, not only are they a default for woman in the winter months, but, they are a style statement this season and wearable for all women of different ages and body types.

Look 2.

The second look was made up of a Kooples lace shirt with velvet bow detail and black velvet Jack Wills shorts. We kept the boots and tights the same as our first look because we were on a tight time schedule, that and the fact that we both fell head over heels in love with these boots! The two coat options gave this look a completely different vibe. The long camel Maje coat is totally timeless, camel coats are seriously versatile and can be worn with everything. The Kooples Houndstooth jacket is a bit more punchy, and it is the chicest print for tailoring this season.

12 Hour Style Diary With Zoella The Teenage Icon

12 Hour Style Diary With Zoella The Teenage Icon


It’s a wrap! Just as we took the final shot of the day the heaven’s opened… a brisk walk quickly turned into a speedy team run back to the hotel, coats flying above our heads as we try to save our hair from the outburst of sideways rain.  I sware to you all we were DRENCHED, it seriously looked as if we’d all gone for a dip in the sea with our clothes on! This is where the hairdryer and rail of clean warm sweaters came into its own!


Quick cuppa and giggle about the state of our runny mascara, then it was time to pack up and make the journey back to London. Why is it always harder to pack as sparingly on your way home!?

Any particular style of Zoella’s you are going to try? Chime into the comment section below, let’s hear it! 🙂