It’s my first week back in the office and I waste absolutely no time on Tuesday morning. I wake at 6am and am sat firmly behind my desk by 7.05. Granted I am still in my pyjama’s, but that’s one of my favourite things about being freelance, the comfort that comes with working from home. I start by gathering email addresses and researching people I’d like to get in contact with this month, followed by writing up many to do lists in my Kiki planner. I couldn’t sleep very well because of all the business plans and style strategies whirling around my brain, like a black hole sucking me into a state of restlessness and further away from much needed sleep. I need at least 7 hours in order to function properly the following day. I consider downloading the Pillow Sleep App that one of my friends has told me about, on looking it up I learn that ‘sleep better and wake up refreshed’ is their moto; I download immediately!

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With the turn of a new year comes the  turn of a mandatory new year work-out regime; Researched fitness programs are put into place, healthier meals are recorded and all beauty products are upgraded. 2017 is a particularly important year for me to take control of my fitness and general well-being routine. I’ve started the 6 month countdown to my wedding day and I’m determined to feel the best I can in the dress of my dreams! There is no denying the effect chic activewear can have on ones motivation, it can instill a positive pre-work out state-of-mind. I’m all for championing new brands, I just think that there is more fun to be had then sticking to a Nike or Adidas work-out wardrobe, and so to get you through the gym doors this January, I’ve put together 5 high-quality, stylish gym-bound brands that will get you to the gym looking stylish and ready.

stylish activewear brands sports gym style fashion brand london

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greta eagan sustainable fashion eco friendly blogger interview girl boss

As I settled myself down into my cosy, blanket covered sofa on a darkening London evening – tea in hand – I opened up my Macbook and pulled up the Skype app. It’s a Friday night; 8pm UK time, 10am LA time. I eagerly await a conversation with Greta Eagan, the brains behind the eco style blog Fashion Me Green and author to Wear No Evil, and perhaps the most sustainably stylish woman in America.

I’d just got back from work and was sporting my daily uniform of an all black attire, whilst on the other side of the Atlantic Greta was dressed down in her morning activewear, preparing for a hike in the Los Angeles mountains. It dawns on me that the one thing I crave from living in London is the outdoor lifestyle; A hike around Hackney Wick on a Friday morning mid-december doesn’t quite have the same allure. I learn that Greta lived and fell in love with London whilst studying at the European School of economics, I guess the grass always seems greener.

I am instantly inspired by Greta’s enthusiasm and knowledge surrounding sustainable fashion. Greta gives of such a positive energy which instantly transpired to my previously tired-self, prompting motivation towards my own wardrobe. With a desire to learn and advocate awareness for sustainable style, Greta is a girl boss that oozes expertise. And so kicking of 2017 in a conscious and aspirational way, meet this months highly respected girl boss, Greta Eagan.   

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Style Resolution stylist top tips organising wardrobe 2017


This is an obvious but easily forgotten style resolution. There’s no doubt that an organised wardrobe is key to sustaining and maintaining your personal style. A great tip I’ve learnt is to only hang-up your absolutely favourite pieces, so these are at eye level when you open your closet. This should end up being a very refined version of your entire wardrobe, built from your hero pieces. Every style that isn’t a favourite should be folded and put into drawers. Take your time doing this task, it may sound simple but it can be hard to decide on your hero pieces, you may even find that you haven’t many items that you truly adore and worthy of a hanger! Limiting your closet will help with getting ready and defining a personal style. Digital Tip. I recommend trying StyleApp and organise all your pieces digitally – the ultimate style resolution – read my review on the app here.

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